At Basalt Energy we believe that small-scale, locally-distributed, low-carbon sources of energy will be having a tremendous growth opportunity in the second quarter of the 21th century. Our ambition is to position our company when markets are still developing, in order to deliver energy profitably and in an environmentally and socially-responsible manner.


Basalt Energy’s main asset is its multidisciplinary team with international experience. 

Dr. Antón Padín, CEO                                                                                        Petroleum Engineer, PhD                                                                                   apadin@basaltenergy.net                                                                                (+34)637859186 (Spain) (+33)614683796 (France)

Anton is the Technical Director and founder shareholder, of  Basalt Energy. He has a PhD in Engineering from Colorado School of Mines, USA. Anton has previously worked for Shell, Cepsa and Endesa, and has experience on drilling, reservoir geomechanics and petrophysics, as well as energy economics.

Roberto Álvarez-Prechous, VP of Engineering                                           Civil Engineer, MsC                                                                                             rprechous@basaltenergy.net                                                                          (+34)649604602 (Spain)

Roberto is a Chartered Civil Engineer with a degree from Alfonso X Technical University. He has worked as site manager and in designing and implementing hydraulic systems including water treatment plants, water networks, pumping stations as well as surface facilities in Spain.

Dr. Younki Cho, Reservoir Simulation Engineer                                            Petroleum Engineer, PhD                                                                                   modeling@basaltenergy.net                                                                             (+1)3056134892 (Colorado, USA)

Younki is a Chartered Petroleum Engineer from South Korea, with a PhD from the USA. Having previously worked for Chevron, Exaro Energy and Austin Exploration, his main expertise  is reservoir engineering and management. He has also worked in deep geothermal reservoir modeling with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Colorado, USA.


Dr. Mustafa Onur, Dept. Chair, Petroleum Engineering Univ. Tulsa, USA  Petroleum Engineer, PhD                                                                                 mustafa-onur@utulsa.edu                                                                            (+1)9186313059 (Oklahoma, USA)

Mustafa is Department Head and McMan Professor of Petroleum Engineering at the U. of Tulsa, Oklahoma. He is an expert in reservoir engineering, pressure transient analysis, naturally fractured reservoirs and EOR methods. He has worldwide knowledge in oil&gas and recognized expertise in geothermal projects in Turkey.

Dr. Mehmet A. Torcuk, Reservoir Engineer                                                     Petroleum Engineer, PhD                                                                                 mehmet_torcuk@eogresources.com                                                              (+1)2107497025

Mehmet is a Petroleum Engineer with a PhD in Reservoir Engineering from the USA. He is leading reservoir engineer at EOG Resources, based off Denver, Colorado. Currently acting as chief reservoir engineer advisor in our company, Mehmet guarantees optimized reservoir management. He has previously worked for Chevron and Turkish Petroleum.

Dr. Eider Hernández Bilbao, Reservoir Geologist                                          Geologist, PhD                                                                                                   geoscience@basaltenergy.net                                                                        (+33)613562971

Eider is a Geologist with a PhD from Colorado School of Mines, USA. She is a Reservoir Geologist at Total Exploration and Production, and has worked as exploration geologist, development geologist and basin modeler. Her expertise focuses on stratigraphy and geochemistry. She has 8 years of experience in petroleum geology in Algeria, Argentina, Colombia, France and the USA.


Dr. Ana González-Nicolás, Hydrologist                                                          Chemical-Civil Engineer, PhD                                                                             hydrology@basaltenergy.net                                                                          (+1)9704037858

Ana earned her PhD in Civil Engineering at Colorado State University and her MsC in Chemical Engineering and Groundwater Hydrology from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia in Barcelona (Spain). She is a specialist in multiphase flow in porous media and geostatistical analysis, and has worked in drilling and environmental projects on geothermal and groundwater modeling.

Dr. Luca Trevisani, Hydrogeologist                                                        Environmental Engineer,PhD                                                                             gwater@basaltenergy.net                                                                                 (+1)9704037858

Luca is a hydrogeologist focused on subsurface hydrology and soil physics, and an expert in numerical models applied to groundwater resources management, aquifer contamination and remediation, and civil underground excavation. He has a PhD in Environmental Engineering from the USA and BsC/MsCs in Chemical Engineering from Italy/Spain.