Basalt Energy is a Distributed Energy Resources Company headquartered in A Coruña (Spain) and with venture offices in Pau (France) and Denver (USA). We specialize in the evaluation and development of Cooperative Distributed Power and Heat smart grids run by combinations of renewables and natural gas microturbines.  


Distributed energy refers to power and heat generation close to the point of consumption. Generating energy on-site, rather than centrally, eliminates the cost, complexity, interdependencies, and inefficiencies associated with transmission and distribution, and gives communities and local governments the ability to finance, build, manage and control their own energy needs, providing them, in the long-term with lower electricity prices and independence from large energy corporations. Examples of successful distributed energy projects with lower energy prices are Feldheim, Germany or the larger Nebraska Electricity Network (USA).

We have two lines of work:

  • Integrated consulting services to plan, design, build and deploy Distributed Power and Heat solutions to private industries and public institutions such as municipalities, regional and local governments. Our team of experts study the natural resources available at your area, market conditions and energy trends, and provide with a comprehensive plan to draw the locally owned, independent energy network. Whether you have wind, geothermal, solar, natural gas, biogenic methane or exhaust fluids, we produce the best long term plan for your needs, based on the resources you have. 
  • We are engaged in the Exploration, Evaluation and Development of the Local Natural Resources for distributed energy generation.  We specialize in evaluating shallow and deep geothermal energy, underground water, natural gas, wind resources and solar.  Within those fields, we provide expert, R&D-based consulting services, providing our clients with extremely valuable data about the combination of available resources that allow municipalities, communities and stand-alone businesses to start a distributed energy long-term plan.